Program Details

What's Included

  • 2-3 weekly in-depth MINDSET calls with Eddie
  • Monthly 1 on 1 mentorship action step calls with Eddie (Most valuable voted by my clients)
  • 24/7 direct access to Eddie Via app for exercise & diet & his personal number all around life guidance & brand coaching
  • Weekly accountability calls to track progress & check in stats to modify
  • Weekly Q & A calls (all the calls above just give you more access & flexibility & are at your disposal to show up to as many as you need to)
  • Personalized nutrition plans with access to thousands of meal plan options, recipes, cooking instructions, snacks, shakes, etc. with weekly Calorie and macronutrient modifications tailored to your goals so you never plateau (secret to all of my client's quick & sustainable transformations)
  • Weekly personalized exercise program (GYM or
  • HOME with VIDEO demonstrations specific to your goals (NO GUESSWORK)
  • LIVE Zoom weekend workouts
  • Full access to the POWER UP community of empowering & driven individuals like you
  • FREE admission to our quarterly in-person live events
  • Grocery list
  • Vitamin & supplement list (optional)
  • 30+ Self-Mastery guides
  • Detox guide
  • Recovery guide (joint pain, stiffness, aches, etc.)
  • Monthly CASH prizes, challenges & giveaways


Phase 1

First 12 week breakdown

Your physical & health goals:

To lose your first 25-35lbs in 90 days, increase your energy levels, optimize your health, improve your sleep routine, vitamin & supplement guidance (optional) & educate you on the basics of exercise & nutrition pertaining to you.

Your Mindset & lifestyle goals:

Set up your first 1 on 1 POWER call with Eddie to build a foundation around everything Exercise & Nutrition & teach you how to fall in love with the process! I will draw out a 3,6 & 12 month gameplan on this call so you’ll have a clear plan on what we will be working on together to get you the body, lifestyle, relationships & finances that you desire by your design!

Phase 2

Your physical & health goals:

Physical goals will be to hone in on your weaker areas in the gym & your body fat percentage with strength training & body recomposition (still lowering your body fat percentage but also putting on lean muscle mass) will get you stronger & more advanced in the gym with movements like your squat, chest press, back rows, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

Your Lifestyle goals:

1 on 1 action step calls with Eddie to help make the necessary lifestyle adjustments in your environment that will keep you from deviating from your goals! Before we can lock down a routine or build any habits, you will have to check off the external influences you have over you.

Phase 3

Your physical & health goals:

Will be focused on hypertrophy ( building lean muscle) in the areas you desire! This phase will consist of mostly machine workouts with advanced techniques and cues to literally chisel & carve out your body! This phase will also consist of some more advanced diet training! SHIT IS GETTING INTERESTING!!!

Your Habit goals:

Create a solid foundation of habits to start stacking skill sets & quality character traits to POWER UP in areas outside of YOU! Your relationships &/ or CAREER (one focus at a time) with our 1 on 1 calls! We’ll set more action steps to ramp up your momentum.

Phase 4

Your physical & health goals:

Fully educate you on everything exercise, nutrition, vitamins, supplements, sleep, etc. specifically for you until it’s hardwired so you can continue to advance on your own & FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR OWN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS

Your Mindset goals:

When mastering the first 3 corners MINDSET is inevitable! I’ll put you through some mindfulness exercises & make you very aware of the POWER of challenge & discomfort to keep you growing! In this phase after creating your 10.0 self, we can keep pivot the focus on Brand & business coaching or you can let your wings lead you if you have a strong foundation built around your body, lifestyle, habits & MINDSET! You have now adopted the POWER UP philosophy & fell in love with the LEVEL UP!


This is for my busy professionals, busy parents, OR anybody ready to master SELF before they can start MASTERING LIFE! This is for anybody SERIOUS & Ready to financially invest in themselves & wants to work directly with Eddie for a life-changing transformation (Body, Mind, lifestyle, habits, etc.). this plan is in-depth NOT because you’re obligated to do it all but on the contrary, gives you options & the flexibility to join as many calls as you would like, schedule your 1 on 1 call on your schedule & have access to every resource at your disposal! This is for anybody tired of WASTING their time & money on ineffective quick fixes & NEEDS a permanent solution! Fill out the application below to schedule your 1 on 1 call with Eddie & see if we’re a good fit to work with one another!