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Ready to build the best body you will ever have all while mastering your MIND in the process to POWER UP in ALL AREAS of life?

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I’m Eddie Soto

I go by @EddieSotoOfficial On all platforms &
the founder of the POWER UP EXPERIENCE!

I’m going to help you step into your POWER & bring to life the version of yourself that deep inside YOU KNOW you have the potential to become but just needs the guidance…

The most exciting part is that you are ONLY ONE DECISION away from making this your reality…

В Мелбет казино вы найдете множество игр, от классических до инновационных.

Would you believe me if I told you that the LIFE of your DREAMS has NOT manifested because you HAVE NOT accomplished &/ or sustained your fitness & diet goals?

“If you can control what you EAT & DRINK, you can control everything else”

“What The Fuck is this guy talking about”!?

I can hear you asking
yourself RIGHT NOW ...

Before jumping into conclusion, really ask yourself
“why haven’t I designed the life that I desire”
I used to break my f*cking head over this exact thing for many years…

Until I came to the realization… I WAS POWERLESS AS FUCK

I could NOT control what I ate so I got FAT AF
I had no control over my emotions so I ruined a lot of relationships
I did NOT respect myself so I neglected my health
I had no confidence nor energy so I didn’t make as much money
Most haven’t made this connection but it’s in our full control & POWER to reverse this or continue adding to the FUKN problem…

Do you struggle with most if not ALL OF THE ABOVE?
The BEST part is that YOU have WHAT IT TAKES to shift the trajectory of your future


It was an uncomfortable & intimidating transition at first for myself & the many clients I’ve coached because we didn’t know the outcome…


The solution you seek is in the unknown (reason you’re hesitant to start) because you have accustomed yourself to neglecting your health for SO LONG

I remember thinking how everything I was currently doing at the time WAS NOT WORKING but on the contrary, leading me to my demise

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The POWER UP experience is designed to help you not only achieve your physical goals but predominantly become MENTALLY UN-FUCKING-BREAKABLE

The POWER UP experience is designed to help you not only achieve your physical goals but predominantly become MENTALLY


Long version short:

I help my clients FIRST learn how to identify, control & eventually MASTER SELF via the vehicle of exercise & Diet.
  • I will help you utilize dieting to build your willpower, kill all vices & gain back your SELF-CONTROL!
  • Food is your most effective form of self-discipline! If you let the foods that you eat multiple times a day control you, EVERYTHING CONTROLS you!
  • You will remain a SLAVE to the WORLD & a PRISONER in your OWN MIND!
  • I'll teach you how to use exercise to take your body to new physical extremes that will break through your mental limitations!
  • eg (it you quit mid-exercise set when you know you have 5 reps left, it ONLY means you are weaker MENTALLY than you are PHYSICALLY! Your mindset was TOO WEAK to withhold any more pain so it triggered your body to QUIT! It’s this same thought process that makes you QUIT early in every other aspect of your life!)


My clients & I understood that we had to make a drastic change before it got too hard & too late to save ourselves much less accept help…

Don’t wait till you’re spiraling deep down a vicious cycle like I was before making that decision because most don’t make it out

Because we made this ONE DECISION, we now live a fulfilled life we love waking up to every day, EVERY MINUTE now have the POWER to navigate through life at a higher level rather than escaping our reality to vices and distractions because we stop choosing temporary “EASY” that led to an infinite existence of HARD

This life-changing process begins WHEN YOU DO

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