Who is Eddie Soto?

Born & Built in the beautiful city of Miami, raising 2 boys to MEN, engaged to a beautiful woman & a now pillar to my community impacting lives WORLDWIDE

It wasn’t always this way…

Years ago, exercise & diet transformed my life so profoundly that I committed to helping others around the world experience the same turnaround in their lives.

Since then I’ve helped thousands of people awaken the most powerful version of themselves!

I have been blessed to come from a life of crime that landed me in front of a federal courthouse judge for the 60th time on a 16-man indictment that sentenced me to 5 years in a federal prison!

You heard right, blessed!

Without ALL the Trials & tribulations, I wouldn’t have gained so much empathy and understanding of how to be so resilient from being a LOSER & FAILURE!

Do you not believe in “YOU”!?Do you not TRUST “YOU”!?DO YOU NOT RESPECT “YOU”!?

Do you feel as if you have more to offer the world!?YOU deserve the best version of “YOU” & so do those you love!
Don’t your loved ones deserve the best “YOU” the version that you know deep within, you have the potential to possibly become!?

Wouldn’t you want to become the individual that “YOU” admire & give that person to YOUR WORLD!?

Trust me I didn’t ALWAYS believe in “ME” I’ll believe in you until you start to believe in “YOU”! Life is simply denied full enjoyment & fulfillment when you neglect your health But when you feel a sense of pride for the person looking back at you in the mirror… Life’s challenges start to dissipate! You will now enter the world with CONFIDENCE and HIGH VIBRATIONS! You will start to attract & gravitate toward those of Contagious energy & abundance!

This is going to be hard to believe but a few years ago I went from an almost 300-pound drug dealer/ user & alcoholic to a Miami kingpin, who was in very toxic relationships & operated in high-risk environments with some VERY dangerous people!?

Would you believe me!?

This was the day-to-day norm for me until it landed me in prison which essentially shaped the MAN you are already OR about to be inspired by TODAY!

“I Awakened The Giant Within”
-Tony Robbins

I was self-sabotaging & heading down a path of destruction if that wasn’t already it… My integrity as a MAN was dying & If anything in this world came close to looking like HELL… I WAS THERE! I changed the course of my life with just ONE DECISION!

The decision that transformed me from a powerless bitch to a POWERHOUSE of a man
I wish I had access to the formula I will give you TODAY, a few years ago! I would have never imagined the person I’ve become today because of it!

Enough about me THIS IS ABOUT YOU!

I wish there was a way RIGHT NOW where I can introduce you to the person you’re about to become because one day VERY soon they will thank you Results with me are guaranteed and they start when you do… Let’s go over your game plan & let me introduce you to the version of yourself you’ve been anticipating meeting!

- Coach Eddie Soto


  • Certified Master fitness trainer
  • Certified nutrition specialist
  • Certified strength coach
  • Certified Endurance Coach
  • Certified sleep coach
  • Certified plyometrics instructor
  • Many other programs, courses, seminars Etc & continuing education & infatuated with all-around HEALTH
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